Brian Stott


Disciplinary Committee Secretary




At the end of this season Nigel Yates will be standing down as Chairman after six seasons. During that time he has continued the work started by Clif Barker which has made the Lancashire Disciplinary Committee well respected by the RFU and other CB’s. Rowan Mellalieu will also be standing down at the end of the season after four years as a committee member. I would like to thank the both for their hard work during their tenures.




There have been twenty seven disciplinary hearings so far this season. This is another increase in the in the number of hearings. The number of cases fell by four this season, a decrease of 2.4%. However, as other indicators show that less rugby has been played it is an increase in real terms.




There are two things of concern to the Disciplinary Committee.




Parents and/or Coaches


The “advice” coming from parents and/or coaches is increasing in volume and is abusive in nature.


All clubs have been written to on both these points and it will be monitored.


There is one club now in excess of five orderings off and/or proved charges of misconduct.




Referee Abuse


This is becoming something of a perennial issue but we are once again seeing an increase in the questioning and disputing of referee decisions. In some cases this is becoming abusive. This season has seen an increase in referees being called cheats, bent or corrupt usually accompanied by several expletives. Disciplinary Panels will be using the mid entry point of 12 weeks for anybody appearing for this sort of remark.




It should also be noted that dissent/abuse cases have increased from 14 to 24 an increase of 71.5%. It is often said that referees are important, we wouldn’t have a game without them. Comments like the ones above means that unless clubs address this issue we may run out of referees.




Season 2015/2016 Statistics




Total Cases Heard          166                               


Proved                          156                               


Dismissed                     10                                 


Sent Off                        154                               


Charged (5.12)               12                                 


Number of Clubs            52                                 


Striking                            69            41.6%


Butting                            4              2.4%


Kicking                            9              5.4%


Stamping                        7              4.2%


Dangerous Tackle            9              5.4%


Biting                              0              0%


Contact With The Eye Area               0  0%


2 Yellow Cards                8              4.8%


Dissent / Abuse               24            14.5%


Other                               8              4.8%


Misconduct                     16            9.6%


Dismissed                       10            6.0%


Pending                          2              1.2%


Total                               166          








In closing I would like to thank all clubs for their prompt and accurate responses to requests for information. The referees for sending in their reports accurately and on time. The members of the Disciplinary Committee for all their hard work during the season.