Safeguarding - Child Protection  

Safeguarding and Child Protection is at the heart of the playing experience for all young persons under 18 years of age and vulnerable adults involved within our rugby family. The RFU and Lancashire Constituent Body have a robust and supportive safeguarding staff, which is made up of employed staff at Twickenham and volunteers throughout the Lancashire County.

There is a Lancashire CB Safeguarding Manager (Carol Baker) and three deputy-safeguarding managers. There are also Club Safeguarding Officers at all clubs which have a Mini, Junior and Colts sections, some clubs also appoint a Club Safeguarding Officer even though young people may not take part playing the game at their club. It is important that all those delivering a safe and enjoyable rugby environment fully understand their responsibilities; the RFU Safeguarding Children Policy Guidance & Procedures, sets out how organisations and individuals should work together to achieve this aim.

It also highlights how statutory and non -statutory agencies all work together to protect children and young people. All children and vulnerable adults are entitled to protection from harm and have the right to take part in sport in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment. The RFU and Lancashire provide training for coaches managers and volunteers involved with young people the training is called ‘PLAY IT SAFE”.
Further in-depth training is also provided for Club Safeguarding officers entitled “IN TOUCH”.

Everyone involved in providing a safe and happy environment within rugby union should read the policy and guidance. RFU - Regulation 15 refers to Age Grade rugby and Regulation 21 – Safeguarding relates to dealing with allegations of abuse or breach of the policy.

There are occasions when clubs tour and will find the Touring with Children Guidance a useful reference. The RFU Safeguarding Toolkit  is also useful in helping clubs implement good safeguarding practices. If you have any concern or require advice please do not hesitate to contact the Lancashire County Safeguarding manager or email