Disciplinary Information

All Disciplinary information will be added on to this tab  as soon as it is available. All Meeting reports and Player suspensions will also be in this tab. Please click on the relevant link for each report.

 If you have any queries than please contact Brian Stott: 


Adult Sanction Table. RFU Regulations re Discipline


Half Game Sanctions 2019

The following reports are updated weekly:

Adult Live Suspensions Updated 22nd February 2020

Meeting Sheet Updated 22nd February

Provisional Adult Suspensions (Pending a Hearing)Updated 22nd February 2020

Provisional Junior Suspensions (Pending a hearing)Updated 22nd February 2020


The following reports may be updated Monthly:

Adult Current Season Report. Updated 23rd Janaury 2020

Junior Current Season Report Updated 23rd January 2020

Current Adult Season Completed Report Updated 23rd January 2020

Continued Suspensions(Non Payment of Fines) Updated 17th January 2020

Current Junior SuspensionsUpdated 23rd January 2020

Adult Sine Die updated 17th January 2020

Junior Sine Die Updated 17th January 2020