17 year olds Transition to Open Age Rugby

There appears to be a large amount of confusion generated by the new regulations from the RFU regarding the playing of 17 year olds in adult rugby.

The main point of confusion is that clubs think it mandatory that team coaches, captains, first aiders & managers all need to be DBS registered for each senior team before a club can be registered to play up 17 year olds.

On a conference call today a representative of the RFU confirmed this was not necessarily the case and that as long as a person or persons in a position of trust within that team is DBS registered then that would suffice. It is down to the individual clubs to decide who the person of trust should be but they should be attached to the team.

I am happy to try to resolve any questions on these registrations, however, please bear in mind that I was advised of the regulations change at the same time as all clubs were. It is unfortunate that the time scale is tight but I hope the above information is helpful.

Please forward questions to

Please forward club registration forms to Carol Baker at
Please follow the link for the above information in format to be displayed in your clubs.
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