'Cauliflower Ear'

Your clubs should already be aware of the financial support available from the county but we also wanted to make you aware of the mental health & emotional wellbeing support that the County has in place for members of its constituent clubs.

We had intended kicking off the ‘Cauliflower Ear’ programme in the new season but given the current situation we thought it beneficial to make you aware of it now.  The aim of the programme is to raise awareness of mental health & emotional wellbeing within clubs and to try to start conversations and remove the stigma around mental health.

To support this programme the county has engaged professional counsellors from Acorn Wellbeing to provide counselling support to those club members who need it. This counselling is provided free & confidentially via phone, email or video call.

During this lengthy period of isolation & lack of social contact our members may be feeling the strain more than ever - please try to support each other and be there to lend a 'Cauliflower Ear' to those who need it !

All the contact details are on the attached poster and here below

Tel: 07517122768


Cauliflower ear

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