Latest News from the RFU re Cluster Competitions

Following the decision from the RFU Council to cancel the 20/21 League Season for Men’s (Level 3 and below) and Women’s (Level 2 and below) competitions, plans have been developed to instigate ‘local cluster’ fixtures to help facilitate a return to contact rugby match play when we are able (hopefully in the New Year).

This proposal is based around five principles;

  • Providing Clubs with structured local competitive fixtures
  • Based on contact rugby (either full contact or adapted variations dependent on HM Government advice)
  • Minimised travel times
  • Local Clusters of up to 7 teams (the number will vary according to specific regions and on agreed local needs)
  • Relaxed regulations to remove barriers to participation

 Please follow the links below for more information:

Letter from the RFU re clusters November 2020

The link below shows the clubs in each cluster 

Club Clusters for the North

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