Playing Out of Age Grade Online Approval

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This information has been sent to all club CSOs. The e mail is from Mark Saltmarsh Lead at Twickenham for Age Grade Rugby and PLAYING OUT OF AGE Requirements.


Dear All


As outlined last month, we have been working on the new online process for Playing Out of Age Grade.  This is designed to provide a simpler, more streamlined, supportive and consistent approach to approvals with CBs now involved in all aspects of playing out of age grade.  There has been a small sounding board of CB colleagues helping out with this and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their time, support, check and challenge.  It has been hugely useful.  We have also updated the process following feedback from other CB personnel in the last fortnight.

Please see attached which outlines the process.  It is an intuitive one using Smartsheet.  The forms are going live shortly on the Regulations page as outlined; there a four in total:


  • Playing Up or Down
  • Combining
  • Playing Adult Rugby – Club Approval
  • Playing Adult Rugby – Player Approval

There is still the requirement for applicants to complete the forms in full as previously.  It is still a big decision and important process for all concerned, requiring detailed consideration. 


However, the process is now online rather than downloading and filling in a Word document.  This means there is no longer a need for anyone to photograph or print out forms, or to create e-mails and attach images or files.  The system does that all for you and the process for each of the five playing out of age grade scenarios is consistent, noting that playing up and down are covered on the same form.


As per the attached, the system will send applications for your CB to the three people you have specified to us – many thanks for the names so far.  There are still some to come, so please send them through as soon as possible to  This is important to make sure you receive the applications from those in your CB.


The forms will be referenced in the Community Game Update this evening but we wanted to give CB colleagues this separate supporting information.

We will look to develop the system if required based on feedback.  We hope that you will find the online system more time and energy-efficient, as will our colleagues out in the age grade community.


Kind regards



Please follow the link below for more information.

Playing Out of Age Grade On Line Approval


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