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Lancashire Cup Competitions 2023 -2024

Could all clubs please note that the closing date for
entry to the Lancashire Cup Competitions is as follows:   Men's Competitions , closing date is 28th July 2023   Women's Competitions , closing date is 30th July 2023   A letter with all the relevant information has been sent to all Club Secretaries. ...
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Minutes 2023 -2024

  Council Meeting Report 29th September
2023 General Meeting Minutes 23rd June 2023 Board Meeting Minutes 3rd July 2023 Board Meeting MInutes 4th September 2023 Board Meeting MInutes 2nd October 2023 ...
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Annual Report for 2022-2023

Please follow the link for the Lancashire County RFU
Annual Report for this year.   Annual Report 2022 -2023
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